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Brass Fittings

Brass Fittings Large Stocking and Warehouse with many In-Stock Brass Fittings offered including:
  • Flare fittings: Heavy , 45 degree and Inverted: Typically used with natural gas and LP systems, refrigeration and pneumatic systems.
  • Copper, Nylon, Poly Push and Hose Ends. Typically used in air brake and accessory systems neeting specifications of SAE and DOT.
  • Compression and A-lign . Typically used in air, oil and water systems in pressure ratings to 400 psi.
  • Poly Fit, Poly Push and Double Barb.automation, Typically used in instrumentation and signal circuits.
  • Garden Hose, Grip-on and Hose Barb. Typically used in low pressure applications as a means for moving air or water.
  • Pipe and POL (Bottle Gas). Typically used in transporting air, water and gas and in refrigeration systems. Low to medium pressure.
Brass Fittings
Brass Pipe Fittings Garden Hose Fittings
Copper Air Brake Fittings Hose Barb Brass
Nylon Air Brake Fittings 45° Flare Brass Fittings
Air Brake Hose Ends A-Lign Fittings
Poly-Push DOT Fittings Poly-Push Fittings
Compression Fittings Brass Plastic Poly Push Fittings
Poly-Fit Fittings Brass POL Fittings Brass
Nickel Plated Poly Push Fittings Grip-On Fittings Brass
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