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Plastic Poly-Push Fittings
· Fitting is of three piece construction, body, collet and o-ring preassembed
· Material acetal copolymer or polypropylene
· O-ring manufactured from nitrile rubber or EPDM
· Collets are produced with stainless steel locking teeth
· FDA Compliant and NSF 51 listed non toxic material
· Wide variety of sizes to meet a broad range of applications
· Easy to install no tools required
· Easy to disconnect and reuse
· Elbows and tees available with 360 degree swivel
· color coded clips allow color coding independent runs or lines
· Examine the possible combinations for new design
· Unlike some products disassembly and reuse is readily accomplished
· Water conditioning, filtration, reverse osmosis, soft drink, beer and condiment dispensing equipment
where metal contamination can be present.
· Industrial applications include low pressure pneumatic, hydraulic and vacuum lines commonly used
in packaging systems, robotics, machine tools, agricultural spraying, car and industrial wash systems
and air logic systems.

Plastic Poly-Push Fittings
No Special Tube Preparation · No Special Tools Needed for Assembly · Can Be Assembled and Disassembled Repeatedly · Elbow and Tees Available with 360° Swivel · Compatible With High Quality Thermoplastic and Nylon Tubing

Straight Union

Union Tee

Union Elbow


Male Elbow

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